For many seniors, moving from their home to a retirement community is a difficult thing to accept, especially until they realize it may be in their best interest. Therefore, what you need to do for encouraging your parents to move into a senior community is to help them understand the dangers of living at home and the benefits of making the move. It may take some time, but gradually your parents will accept the reality. Stress the following points:

Socializing is a key to healthy aging

It is a sad truth that people start losing their social contacts as they age. One of the main reasons for this is that they lose the ability to drive safely. Another reason is that one spouse becomes homebound (in order to take care of their spouse) when the other one becomes ill. The third reason is that as people age, many of their friends pass away, reducing their potential for usual social contacts.

Researchers have found that people with active social life have a significantly lower rate of memory decline. Social isolation could negatively affect the natural immune system. Studies have revealed that socially isolated people are more susceptible to strokes and heart attacks. Therefore, it is important to promote the seniors’ social life for maintaining their well-being.

In senior living communities, the residents can spend time doing the things they want to do. Independent living communities give extreme importance to socializing. There are easy ways for the senior residents to socialize, as these communities are designed with the purpose of providing opportunities to engage and connect. Independent living communities generally provide movie nights in the theatre room, cocktail hours for pre-dinner socializing, book clubs and discussion groups, spiritual services, and short trips into the city.

Independent living community offers a hassle-free life for seniors

Keeping a clean home is not an easy task for seniors. In a senior living community, the residents are not responsible for tasks such as mowing lawn, shoveling driveway, climbing ladder for changing light bulbs, or fixing unexpected issues that are likely to occur when living at home. The residents can enjoy a hassle-free life.

No more driving stress

Driving can be stressful as people age. Stressful driving is dangerous not just to the person who drives but to others as well.  Independent and assisted living communities provide free transportation for their residents. At the same time, there will be parking space for residents who still want to drive.

Plenty of opportunities to make new friends

As said earlier, seniors who live alone can become socially isolated. This is dangerous for people at any age. Loneliness can cause high blood pressure and other health problems. Senior communities provide plenty of opportunities to make new friends, share meals, and enjoy cheerful occasions with one another.

Good nutrition is important for seniors

Seniors who live alone are at a higher risk of malnutrition. In an independent living community, they can enjoy delicious, nutrient-dense, chef-prepared meals.