Assisted living facilities are for elderly people who want to live an independent lifestyle but may need help for some of their individual needs. In assisted living communities, you will get independence as well as assistance with your specific daily needs. These needs generally include meals, bathing, dressing, transportation, personal mobility, and medication reminders. Assisted living facilities also provide housekeeping, 24-hour security, access to health services, emergency call system, personal laundry service, fitness and exercise programs, social activities and recreational activities.

Many of us want the best assisted living facility for ourselves or our elderly loved ones. Though there are plenty of assisted living communities across the country, find the right one that fit our needs is not at all an easy task.

How to choose the right assisted living facility for your loved one?

Go through the details of various assisted living communities and make a shortlist. Once this has been done, fix an appointment and visit each of the communities you are considering. Though this is time consuming, you should do it because to move a loved one to an assisted living facility is an important decision. After visiting the facilities you have to find answers for many questions. Here are some important questions you can ask:

Are the staff members well-trained?

A good assisted living facility should have compassionate and well-trained staff in order to address a wide range of elderly needs properly. Make sure that the community you choose does have well-trained staff with a genuine desire to assist the elderly.

What is the staff-to-resident ratio?

For anyone facing the overwhelming task of placing a senior family member in an assisted living facility, one of the major considerations is the number of staff members on hand dedicated to assisted elderly residents on a regular basis. Assisted living facilities are supposed to employ sufficient staff for ensuring the proper care and safety of the residents. Never choose a facility that does not have enough number of staff members.

Will there be a written care plan for your elderly parent?

Learn whether all the residents have a written care plan. If such a tool is not there, the care needs of your loved one may remain unidentified and therefore unmet.

Can the assisted living facility handle the changing needs of your loved one?

As the needs of your elderly parent could change in the future, the assisted living facility should be able to address them. Make sure that the assisted living facility you choose is capable to handle the changing needs of its residents.

Does the Facility offer spiritual, social and other entertaining activities?

Good assisted living facilities offer various programs and activities in order to enhance the physical, spiritual, social and intellectual aspects of the residents.

Other things you can do for evaluating an assisted living facility

  • Visit the facility during mealtimes so that you can sample the food. You may also check whether the service is good and the kitchen is clean
  • Check whether the facility has enough safety measures such as call buttons
  • See how the outdoor area looks like and watch how the residents communicate with each other