Independent living is a senior living option for elderly people who are active and independent. In general, seniors who choose to live in this community don’t need any assistance with their day-to-day activities. People choose independent living as it gives many opportunities to enjoy their golden years, socialize, and meet new people.

Though many seniors do not even consider moving to an independent living community, a retirement community has many benefits when compared to home. Independent living may be the right option for your parents if:

  • They want to live in a place that requires little yard work and home maintenance;
  • They want to broaden their social network and socialize with peers;
  • They would like to enjoy meals and activities in the company of other seniors;
  • And they need little assistance with their activities of daily living


Benefits of Independent Living

Independent living has the following benefits:

Maintenance-free living

In independent living, you will have different living options. Some senior living communities have fully furnished apartments within a large building while others have town homes, suites or condos within a community. Whatever may be the option you choose, the fees include maintenance charge which covers indoor and outdoor maintenance (which includes all the furnishings and common grounds throughout the community).

Entertainment and socializing

Independent living offers opportunities to create friendships and social connections with other residents. There are many activities intended to promote socializing and entertainment. The activities are based on the needs and likes of the residents. These entertainments and activities can significantly contribute to the residents’ quality of life. The activities may include: classic games, such as poker, chess, bingo, puzzles, and dominoes; health and wellness activities, such as yoga, aerobics classes, exercise, breathing techniques and relaxation classes, walking and gardening; arts activities, such as music, dance and drama; educational activities, such as informational lectures and advice from physicians and other professionals; and skill building activities, such as computer classes, book clubs, carpentry, sewing and cooking. Entertaining events may include: concerts and plays, karaoke, trips to parks, wineries and museums, cocktail hours and themed parties, and wii competitions.

Privacy when wanted

Sometimes, a resident may want to simply stay in the room and read a book, instead of participating in activities. The residents are allowed to choose whether or not to participate in ongoing activities. Independent living respects the privacy of each resident and is committed to protecting it.

Assistance if needed

Independent living doesn’t offer care. But, if a resident needs help during an emergency, it is always near. For this reason, many adult children choose to move their parents to an independent living community before something occurs that could result in a decline in their independence. When seniors live alone at home, there won’t be anyone to assist them if they fell or in the event of any medical emergency. Therefore, moving your parents to an independent living community can be a great way for you to gain peace of mind.